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Laney and Tracy's Icon Community

Laney&Tracy: Squee! Brobecks!

This is a shared icon community between Laney and Tracy. We are best friends, pretend sisters, gamers, and fangirls. We love a lot of things, including Harry Potter, Hanson, Lord of the Rings, Dead Like Me, Final Fantasy, and hot boys.


Skipped Back 10

August 9th, 2006

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(no subject)

Stock: Forest Floor: Wistful
Laney got me all inspired to create some icons again.
So here we go:
[2] Ellie (DeGrassi)
[2] Brobecks

These are icons, not bases. You may request text and if I have the time I'll edit it in for you, but in no way are you to edit these icons yourself. Thanks.

Comment please if you take any or if you like them. And please give credit.

Also, I'll take the first five requests I get for icons similar to this. Just tell me what you want and supply me with your image and I'll work my magic!

1. 2. 3. 4.

Images of Ellie are from the-n.com
Images of Brobecks are from Brobecks dot com

Katee Icons

tv → merlin → arthur & merlin
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more kateeCollapse )
Comment (i love comments!)
Credit cenedrawood
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comment (i love comments!)
credit cenedrawood

December 8th, 2004

Various Icons

Stock: Forest Floor: Wistful
A slightly big icon post just so that I can clear out the ones I have sitting in my icon folder. Some of them aren't that great in my opinion, I'm working on setting out a new style that I can get used to and be happy with.

[16] Orlando Bloom
[3] Emma Watson
[1] Taylor Hanson
[1] Isaac Hanson
[2] Kelly Clarkson

Comment & Credit.


I'll Spread My Wings...Collapse )

November 14th, 2004

1: 2: 3:

1: 2: 3:
4: 5:

Comment and Credit

11 textless icons

Stock: Forest Floor: Wistful
[10] Zac Hanson
[1] Taylor Hanson

As always, comment and credit when taking. Thanks.


I'll put a spell on you...Collapse )

November 5th, 2004

(no subject)

Stock: Forest Floor: Wistful
[7] Dan Radcliffe
[5] Emma Watson
[4] Zac Hanson

Please Remember to credit and comment if you decide to take any.


Into the river below...Collapse )
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